We all want amazing websites, but when it comes down to it, church website development is not as easy to achieve and maintain as we would like it to be.  Luckily there are some amazing resources out there to help you.


This is what we use for our church and we love it.

Price:  $1000 one time fee, $25 monthly

Best for:  Clover was designed with church website development in mind.  If you want to have a sermon archive this might be for you.  Our church has a sermon archive that goes back to our launch in 2010.  We can afford to do this because they offer unlimited storage, traffic, pages and media.  

Cons:  Limited templates, not fully customizable.  However, what they have is beautiful.


Squarespace has been around since 2004 and has a great reputation.  I’ve used them for various church website development projects and have gotten great results.

Price:  Starts at $12/month paid annually or $16 month to month

Best for:  Getting an affordable and professional looking website up and running quickly with few headaches.  Using Squarespace you get a beautiful design, tools that work, speed and security.  

Cons:  Their templates or more restrictive than most.  It’s great if you love what they offer, but not if you need some flexibility.    Also, they don’t support integration with 3rd party software.  



WordPress is great and offers a ton of functionality.  I’ve used them for multiple churches.  When they have someone on staff to keep it up to date it’s been great.  They churches who have not had someone they can rely on to keep their site up to date and secure have had issues.

Price:  Wordpress is free, but you have to get our own hosting.

Best for:  This is the most fully customizable option for church website development.  Whether you want to customize the look of your site or functionality this is the best option for you.

Cons:  With Clover, Squarespace and many others, website security is taken care of for you.  With WordPress you are responsible for your own security.  If you have someone who can keep your website up to date and make sure it’s protected then WordPress is a great option for you.  If not, you should strongly consider another option.

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