Christmas and Easter are the easiest times of the year for members of your congregation to invite friends and family to church.  I propose that we find out what happens when we make it even easier.  Almost everyone has a Facebook page these days. Why not provide a Facebook Frame that church members can use to invite people to church without even trying?

What is a Facebook frame?

Have you ever seen someone change their Facebook picture, but it’s really the same picture with something on it?  For instance, the image on the left has a Facebook Frame on it, the image on the right is the profile image without the frame.

Frames are usually used for a cause, to create awareness for something.  So why not create awareness about your Christmas Eve Service or some other event?  

How does it work?

It’s surprisingly simple.  I’ve created a Facebook Frame that you can upload and use for free.  If you create your own, make sure to save it as a .png so a profile picture can show through.

Once you have the frame that you want you can have it uploaded to Facebook and share it in a few simple steps:

1.  Click here to upload or manage your frames.

2.  Click on “Create a Frame.”

3.  Click “Open Frame Studio.”

If you already have a frame saved you may need to click a button on the upper right of the screen that says, “Open Frame Studio.”

4.  Upload your file.

5.  Make sure all text shows in the circle and the frame looks the way you want it to in the previews.

6.  Click “Next.”

7. Name your frame.

8. Decide if you need to schedule a start and/or end date for your frame.  I chose to end mine at the time of our Christmas Eve Service.

9.  Assign any kewords like the name of your church, your city and state, Christmas Eve, and anything else you think someone might search for.

10.  Click “Next.”


Now all you have to do is preview it before you publish it. Make sure you are saving it to your church Facebook page rather than your personal page.

Double check the dates.  If it’s for an event you probably want the frame to expire the date of the event.

Once you’re done it will ask you if you want to post it to your page.  I would recommend doing so and also using the frame on your personal profile image.


If you would like me to send you your free Christmas Eve Facebook Frame enter your email address below.


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